Coffee Club

Our coffee is some of the best you’ve ever tasted!!! It is organic, shade grown and shipped to us fresh as green beans in a fair trade market that directly benefits Guatemalan farmers & their families.  Once received in Springfield, we roast and package it immediately to maintain freshness and flavor.

Mayan Mud is the signature label of our coffee and it sells for $6.00 per half pound bag and $12 per pound bag.   We sell it as whole fresh medium roasted beans.  Shipping is available for a minimal charge.

Our Coffee Club is available to provide you with  coffee  on a set schedule for your home or  workplace.  We happily take single orders too, but  we believe once you taste Mayan Mud, you will be hooked.  Please email,  phone, or click below to order. No amount is too small or too large.  Plus, you’ll know your purchase will be helping the very people that originally picked the beans.

Savor the Flavor!!